PS Balintawak Arnis Cuentada Logo Meaning


The meaning of the logo

  • “Balintawak” means “heroes of the Cry for Freedom”. This comes from the Filipino revolution against the Spanish. It is also the name of the street (Balintawak St.) where the creator Anciong Bacon used to teach this art.
  • “Arnis” is a common word used to signify the weapons based systems of Filipino Martial Arts. They’re the style of martial art that Balintawak belongs to.
  • “Cuentada” means “counter to counter”. One of the primary concepts of Balintawak Cuentada is that there is a counter to every technique, including those counters.
  • The scales represent balance and justice
  • The stick and the knife/sword are the weapons used in Balintawak.
  • The branches represent peace
  • The two white dots located within the handle of the sword represent unity and brotherhood
  • The Bull head (top center) represents vigor, power, and agility
  • The stars and large sun of course represent the Philippines where Arnis comes from.
  • The figures on the scale represent that we are a fighting system and not for competitions. Also that we will fight for what we believe in.